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Vampire Knight Revisited

Eight and a bit years of Vampire-fuelled fandom came to an end last month. Damn, that makes me feel old. Hino Matsuri’s shoujo manga was the second that I ever read, and it was my first taste of the frustration of “Whaddaya mean there’s no more chapters yet?!” I didn’t read it from the very […]

The VK Situation: Update

I have now found a website where I can read Vampire Knight, contact me if you want to know where; I don’t want VK to be forcibly removed from there too. I am also reliably informed that Naruto and Bleach are getting harder to find. Hm… Stay Tuned

Vampire Knight by Hino Matsuri

STOP (in the name of love)! Whilst I have left this old busted early effort of mine here for the sake of posterity, there is a better, longer, faster, stronger version to be found here (the new hotness). Read this one of you like, but the newer version is far more representative of my reviewing […]