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Fruits Basket Revisited

The manga which kick-started it all off – it has a helluva lot to answer for. Ah, back in the day when it actually took ¬†weeks for me to read a manga with over a hundred chapters… Admittedly that was partially down to an astoundingly dodgy internet connection that took forever to load up the […]

Vampire Knight Revisited

Eight and a bit years of Vampire-fuelled fandom came to an end last month. Damn, that makes me feel old. Hino Matsuri’s shoujo manga was the second that I ever read, and it was my first taste of the frustration of “Whaddaya mean there’s no more chapters yet?!” I didn’t read it from the very […]

Announcing “Revisited”

I’ve had this website now for the best part of three years and I think it’s time to do some looking back. Not because I’ve done some spectacular things, or enough to merit existential navel-gazing, no. It’s because in the beginning I did some truly terrible reviews. I was very new to the whole blog-reviewer […]