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Youth Gone Wild – Nicky Lee

In keeping with the Nicky Lee theme… Lan Ya-Ting, an agent, has just been fired by her record company – thanks to her demonic diva charge. It’s not an ideal state of affairs, but luckily for Ya-Ting her uncle has decided to use his life savings to set up a record company of his own; he takes […]

The One Revisited

Whilst my review of The One doesn’t make me want to cry quite so much as some of my other earlier reviews, it is brutal in its brevity. This is a phase when I was trying to get two or three shorter reviews out a day, and didn’t realise that I hadn’t really done much more than a […]

Provence – Nicky Lee

The most troublesome thing to type into Google Images, unless you want to look at people’s holiday photos and a Korean singer… Nicky Lee said right at the beginning of this project that her aim was to tell a “pure romance”; I believe she suceeded. Put very simply, Provence follows two story arcs based around […]

The One – Nicky Lee

Don’t judge a manhua by its synopsis… Both of Cane Lele’s parents were internationally-renowned models before their untimely demise; years later Lele can think of nothing she’d like to do to less than model, despite the merciless pressure from her agent aunt. However, by chance she one day sees a photo of  supermodel Angus Lanson, which […]