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Youth Gone Wild – Nicky Lee

In keeping with the Nicky Lee theme… Lan Ya-Ting, an agent, has just been fired by her record company – thanks to her demonic diva charge. It’s not an ideal state of affairs, but luckily for Ya-Ting her uncle has decided to use his life savings to set up a record company of his own; he takes […]

Ingenuo – Ryan

You may wish to get in some siege rations and clear your schedule for a couple of days if you want to read this… Ding Jiayu is crazy about photography. She is absolutely determined to become a world famous photographer and surpass her idol and (in her eyes) nemesis Yung Jo. Naturally, when a position as […]

Provence – Nicky Lee

The most troublesome thing to type into Google Images, unless you want to look at people’s holiday photos and a Korean singer… Nicky Lee said right at the beginning of this project that her aim was to tell a “pure romance”; I believe she suceeded. Put very simply, Provence follows two story arcs based around […]

The One – Nicky Lee

Don’t judge a manhua by its synopsis… Both of Cane Lele’s parents were internationally-renowned models before their untimely demise; years later Lele can think of nothing she’d like to do to less than model, despite the merciless pressure from her agent aunt. However, by chance she one day sees a photo of  supermodel Angus Lanson, which […]

One Day – Benjamin

One Day, from the early career of  the manhua artist Benjamin, is a series of  slice of life/drama one shots, with random pieces of colour artwork. Benjamin’s drawing style is unusual, in that it pays attention to the conventions of bodily proportions (ish) and a rare naturalistic attention detail. One Day exhibits Benjamin’s prowess in both colour […]