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Fruits Basket Another

Yes, I am aware there is a sequel to the frankly amazing Fruits Basket. Am I as confused about what’s going on with the timeline and the curse as everyone else was to begin with? Nyeeeah… Less confused now chapter four’s come out. But, I will not be reviewing the thing until it is over. But I […]

Fruits Basket Revisited

The manga which kick-started it all off – it has a helluva lot to answer for. Ah, back in the day when it actually took  weeks for me to read a manga with over a hundred chapters… Admittedly that was partially down to an astoundingly dodgy internet connection that took forever to load up the […]

Fruits Basket by Takaya Natsuki

You can read this review if you really want to, you really can. However, I warn you that what follows is from the dark days when I literally just started reviewing. If you want to read the longer, better version of this review, please go here. If you choose to proceed with the version you’re […]