Okay That Was Weird…

Okay, someone actually found this blog by googling my name. I really hope it was someone I know otherwise my life just took a weirder dimension… Advertisements

A Bit of Shameless Plugging…

If you’re in the mood for something slightly more cerebral/less socially awkward, try hopping over to my other blog, Book Vampire, for fiction, non-fiction and poetry reviews. It’s essentially the same deal as this site,but in slightly more detail and without all of the licencing rants.¬†http://bookvampire.wordpress.com/

Happy 2012!

Let’s hope that eveything dramatically improves over the next year; including my consistencey! :s



Okay folks, I am aware that I haven’t updated since July. Sorry about that; this little thing called life got in the way. First I had eighteen years worth of crap to sort through, take the non-useless stuff up to University, enrol on my course, do all my assignments etcetera etcetera and so forth, (if […]

Calling All Japanamaniacs

I know it’s a scanlation site, but there are great forums on Japanese life, culture, music etc as well as manga and anime. Give it a go!http://natsuyume.com/6/?fromuid=11059

Coming Soon…

Scanlators do absolutely sterling and thankless work. We need to show them love, people! To that end, next month I am establishing the Manga Addicts Anonymous Scanlator of the Month Award – keep an eye and post any suggestions/ nominations in comments. Stay tuned, folks!