Fruits Basket Another

Yes, I am aware there is a sequel to the frankly amazing Fruits Basket. Am I as confused about what’s going on with the timeline and the curse as everyone else was to begin with? Nyeeeah… Less confused now chapter four’s come out. But, I will not be reviewing the thing until it is over. But I […]

Youth Gone Wild – Nicky Lee

In keeping with the Nicky Lee theme… Lan Ya-Ting, an agent, has just been fired by her record company – thanks to her demonic diva charge. It’s not an ideal state of affairs, but luckily for Ya-Ting her uncle has decided to use his life savings to set up a record company of his own; he takes […]

The One Revisited

Whilst my review of The One doesn’t make me want to cry quite so much as some of my other earlier reviews, it is brutal in its brevity. This is a phase when I was trying to get two or three shorter reviews out a day, and didn’t realise that I hadn’t really done much more than a […]

Fruits Basket Revisited

The manga which kick-started it all off – it has a helluva lot to answer for. Ah, back in the day when it actually took  weeks for me to read a manga with over a hundred chapters… Admittedly that was partially down to an astoundingly dodgy internet connection that took forever to load up the […]

Vampire Knight Revisited

Eight and a bit years of Vampire-fuelled fandom came to an end last month. Damn, that makes me feel old. Hino Matsuri’s shoujo manga was the second that I ever read, and it was my first taste of the frustration of “Whaddaya mean there’s no more chapters yet?!” I didn’t read it from the very […]

Announcing “Revisited”

I’ve had this website now for the best part of three years and I think it’s time to do some looking back. Not because I’ve done some spectacular things, or enough to merit existential navel-gazing, no. It’s because in the beginning I did some truly terrible reviews. I was very new to the whole blog-reviewer […]

Bartender – Joh Araki and Nagamoto Kenji

And Araki Joh’s obsession with all things alcoholic continues… In this manga, a bar is never just a bar – it is a field hospital for the soul, (let us ignore any dubious implications for the mean time).  People who walk into Sasakura Ryuu’s bar have their own problems and, whether they realise it or […]