Ningyou Kyoutei Gakudan (Royal Doll Orchestra) – Kaori Yuki

What? I’ve had this site for two years and I haven’t reviewed any Kaori Yuki?! This simply will not do! I don’t think “quest” quite covers the odyssey that was finding the final volume in a language which I could read it in… Like most things I started reading Ningyou Kyoutei Gakudan online on a manga […]

Another One Bites The Dust – Marimo Box Scanlations

Marimo Box Scanlations technically died in September, apologies for not reporting sooner. On their blog they apologise for not being able to even finish one series, citing University applications and exams as eating up their time. (I feel your pain guys. It’s stressful applying for University when everyone is trying to get in this year to avoid fee hikes). They also […]

A Word to Manga Fox…

Can I just point out that it is very rude to remove a series, and not even leave the page it used to occupy with a note of explanation – about licensing, or scanlation group feuding, or whatever the reason is that without warning that Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteiru has been pulled […]

Updates: Skip Beat, Naruto and Bleach

Hello everyone, I am VERY glad to report that I have found a website where Skip Beat, Naruto AND Bleach can be read, regardless of licensing issues. Tip for finding licensed manga: Instead of looking at the manga directory on a particular site, which can sometimes be somewhat imperfect, instead type: “Read online for free”. […]

The VK Situation: Update

I have now found a website where I can read Vampire Knight, contact me if you want to know where; I don’t want VK to be forcibly removed from there too. I am also reliably informed that Naruto and Bleach are getting harder to find. Hm… Stay Tuned


Okay, to begin at the beginning – as is the convention – as I’m sure many of you are aware, at midnight last night reading services were laid to rest. “Big deal” I hear you say, “there are other sites.” Ah but one by one they are stripping away manga, owing to licensing. Today […]

In Memoriam:

Once upon a time, there was a website. This website – beloved by many for its simplicity of layout, and promptitude of updates – hosted manga. For years manga addicts would use this as their first choice of manga-reader, for it was unrivalled not only in its aforementioned virtues, but also in the consumer advice […]