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Announcing “Revisited”

I’ve had this website now for the best part of three years and I think it’s time to do some looking back. Not because I’ve done some spectacular things, or enough to merit existential navel-gazing, no. It’s because in the beginning I did some truly terrible reviews.

I was very new to the whole blog-reviewer thing and, frankly, it didn’t take me very long to look back on those very first reviews and be faintly embarrassed at this very public evidence of my steep learning-curve. I could live with it if it was just that. But it’s not. Because those first mangas which I reviewed were and still remain massively popular, they are some of the most looked at pages on this site; which quite often means that the reader goes away thinking that these clumsy first stabs are representative of my work and the rest of the reviews. So they don’t look at the rest of the site, don’t discover new things and I’m left with a faint blush when I see someone looked at the Vampire Knight review again.

So what am I going to do about. I am going to revisit and re-review a couple of these early reviews in an attempt to salvage my dignity, and hopefully you – the reader – will have fun seeing me re-evaluate my responses and seeing if you agree or disagree. To quote Homer Simpson in the episode Power to the Max: “Give me back my dignity!” *Walks into a cactus.*


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