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Ningyou Kyoutei Gakudan (Royal Doll Orchestra) – Kaori Yuki

What? I’ve had this site for two years and I haven’t reviewed any Kaori Yuki?! This simply will not do! I don’t think “quest” quite covers the odyssey that was finding the final volume in a language which I could read it in… Like most things I started reading Ningyou Kyoutei Gakudan online on a manga […]

Shitsurakuen – Naomura Tooru

Lovely artwork, shame about the plot… Himoto Sora is an extremely chivalric girl. One day she’s accepted into the  prestigious Utopia Academy out of the blue, and even more confusingly she’s sent the boys’ uniform; but that’s nothing compared to what happens once she actually gets there. It’s not just a school, it’s a training ground […]