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Another One Bites The Dust – Marimo Box Scanlations

Marimo Box Scanlations technically died in September, apologies for not reporting sooner. On their blog they apologise for not being able to even finish one series, citing University applications and exams as eating up their time. (I feel your pain guys. It’s stressful applying for University when everyone is trying to get in this year to avoid fee hikes). They also say that the changing attitude of the industry towards manga scanlation groups and the death of onemanga.com as a manga reader as contributing towards their decision to quit.

I understand about exam revision and applying for University taking up a lot of previously free time. However, what I am pissed off about is Hanasakeru Seishounen. Marimo Box were the only people scanlating this highly-addictive series, which shows no sign of being licensed either in the UK or the US, which has been left at a cliff-hanger when they decided to cease at the end of volume 3. Most people whom have hit this snag have decided to watch the anime instead, in the hope that the plot is the same as the original manga; fans of Vampire Knight and Fruits Basket know that is a somewhat futile hope.

Marimo Box, we do not ask for daily releases. We wouldn’t care if you only released chapters every few months – just so long as you did. I speak not only as frustrated Hansakeru Seishounen fan, but as a representitive of a manga-reading community which cannot afford to lose the dedication and hardwork of scanlation groups. The industry should be encouraging you, not condemning you.

If you would like to read Marimo Box’s own release, here is their website: http://marimo-box.blogspot.com/

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