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Skip Beat Release Calendar

I know people are impatient for their bi-monthly slice of Skip Beat, so here’s a link for a calendar of release dates that the scanlators Franky House set up. Advertisements

Hana no Namae – Saitou Ken

It almost seems an insult to categorise this manga under shoujo… There’s some doubt in the manga-reading community if male mangakas can “do” shoujo manga, – if Saitou-sensei is anything to go by, then the female mangakas had better watch out! Hana no Namae is an emotionally-complex and dark manga, that goes above and beyond […]

Love Letter – Kouji Seo

This is not a shoujo, I repeat this is definitely not a shoujo. This is a shounen tragedy, following a romance that had barely begun just as the  Second World War is breaking out. Based on a real events, this manga follows what it meant to be an ordinary Japanese person in WWII – and how extraordinary times […]