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Skip Beat – Nakamura Yoshiki

My ongoing substance of choice…

It just makes me laugh, quite apart from anything else – despite the occasional serious undertone; this is a far lighter work than Nakamura’s previous work in Tokyo Crazy Paradise – which at times go a bit serious and angsty, not that anything is wrong with that. It’s just nice to see the change of key from minor to major.

Mogami Kyoko has followed her first love Fuwa Sho to Tokyo, where he is pursuing a career as a music idol. One day Kyoko discovers Sho telling someone that she only considers her his maid! Kyoko breaks off ties with him, and decides to get revenge the best way she can: to surpass Sho in the entertainment industry.

A light-hearted, and let’s face it, rather unlikely view of the entertainment industry that has plenty of pratfalls, laughs and good old fashioned shoujo heroine determination. It’s a surprisingly addictive manga, with moments and the odd bit of gravitas to keep the momentum going. Oh and very  pretty pictures.

4 out of 5. If you like Shiawase Kissa Sanchoume you’ll love this. Stay tuned folks.

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