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Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteiru – Odagiri Hotaru

So beautiful… So addictive… So frustrating because there are chapters in the middle which are as yet unscanlated.

Also known as UraBoku, this is a manga which fans of Vampire Knight will love. It’s in the supernatural and mystery genres, and generally cited as shoujo – but personally I think there’s more of a shounen ai spin to the story. Sakurai Yuki is a teenager, whom was abandoned at an orphange as a baby and tries to live a normal life the best he can. The trouble is he can feel the emotions of others, and see the thoughts behind them – as well as being plagued by recurrent dreams, which seem just a bit too real to only ever have been dreams. Yuki’s life is saved by a beautiful stranger, and from that day forth he’s plunged into a world of  magic, demons, guardians and the Giou clan. Just who the hell are they?!

There’s something about the name “Yuki”, which just compells mangakas to draw beautiful, effeminate men (anyone who’s read Fruits Basket will know what I’m talking about). The world of UraBoku is compelling in the extreme, with beautifully-drawn characters that have a real sense of movement, and a genuinely intriguing plot – despite my corny synopsis – which renders it irritating in the extreme when there are chapters missing in the middle. Watch out for the character of Luka – he’s simply gorgeous as a character and you really wish people would dress like that in real life.

BTW: The title translates as “Betrayal Knows my Name”. How cool is that?!

Five out of five, I can’t blame scanlation groups for having difficulty getting hold of the raws – you either can or you can’t. Stay tuned folks.

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