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Replay – Riang Ryu

This would make a very good film, done properly. Tragedy, redemption, obsession, the supernatural, romance and high school – any boxes unticked?

Karam is an ordinary high school girl with ordinary high school worries – so it seems. But when her new English teacher starts living at her mother’s boarding house, somehow it doen’t feel like it’s the first time they’ve met – nor does he act like her teacher. Why does he keep such a disconcertingly close eye on her?

This could very easily have been just another love triangle set in a school, however the story and particularly the supernatural elements makes sure it transcends such an obvious storyline. There are some aspects of the plot which could have been developed more, perhaps, as the 15 chapters seem to go very fast – leaving the reader with a very hungry sense of dissatisfaction.

This was the first manwha I read, and the difference in artwork and background themes in comparison to manga blew me away at the time; therefore before reviewing it for this website I decided to go back and re-read it, both to re-acquaint myself with the story and to look at it with a less rose-tinted view. See the results above.

4 out of 5, on the grounds of  lost potential – but I still might write a film script at some point in the future. Stay tuned folks!

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