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The One – Nicky Lee

Don’t judge a manhua by its synopsis…

Both of Cane Lele’s parents were internationally-renowned models before their untimely demise; years later Lele can think of nothing she’d like to do to less than model, despite the merciless pressure from her agent aunt. However, by chance she one day sees a photo of  supermodel Angus Lanson, which makes her see fashion, and fashion photography, as an art form. The One charts her attempts to conquer first Asia, then the world!

Nicky Lee’s drawings are so beautiful, so damn aesthetically-pleasing, there gets to a point when you blink and her drawings are there in front of you. The actual story of The One is far less shallow and meretricious than the initial synopsis would have you believe, with the delicate balance of pleasure, pain, triumph, unrequited love and humour preseved perfectly throughout. Oh, and there’s a dash of good old fashioned Shakespearean twin confusion.

5 out of 5. Read it, or regret it – stay tuned folks.

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