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Running on Empty – Kim Jea-Eun

I wish this series had been longer…

Running on Empty is a shounen ai manwha that has aspects of drama, and most certainly of romance. Our protagonists are two emotionally-damaged young men who go on the run together, after one of them has been falsely accused of murder.

Kim Jea-Eun has a perfectly good drawing style, with somewhat hypnotic eyes, which is somewhat incongruosly blended with photographic elements – much to my irritation. It breaks the spell of the manwha to be reminded that, the world in which the manwha takes place is not the real world but a construct. Also it seems a bit lazy to use bits of photos for fur-trimmed hoods, instead of actually drawing them.

However, it is a lovely and very sweet story with believable characterisation which makes the story work. I only which it had been longer, as a very promising premise’s full potential is never quite tapped.

3.5 out of 5. Stay tuned folks.

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