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A House in Venice – Vanna Vinci

Drawn by the fabulous Vanna Vinci, scripted by Giovanni Mattioli. This work was created by the Italian duo and published by Kodansha Comics – hence right to left reading.

Depending on which website you use this is either a one shot or two chapters long, either way it’s fab.

Rosa Brundo is an art student whom has moved to Venice to continue her studies at the city’s Academy. She’s moved into part of an Aspern Papers-esque mansion, which is plagued with the ghosts of the past and her enigmatic, somewhat melancholy landlord. Who is he?

Combining elements of mystery and romance, with gorgeous Italian locations A House in Venice  lingers long in the mind, and fascinates beyond its hundred pages. The unusual drawing style takes some getting used to, but by the end the conventional manga style begins to look a bit weak and ill-proportioned. This is a winning piece of artwork that conveys a beautiful mystery in every stroke of the pencil.

Five out of five. Stay tuned folks.

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