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Watashi no Messiah-sama – Minazuki Suu

Watashi no Messiah-sama  is a shounen manga with aspects of harem and a definite ecchi presence in the first few volumes; but put up with that and you will be rewarded. Shinya is a classic shounen geek: He’s small, bookish and relies upon others to defend him. So surely it can’t be right when a beautiful girl shows up and tells him he is the saviour of both his world and hers?!

Full of parallel worlds, magic, violence and big-breasted babes Watashi no Messiah-sama could very easily be merely mildly hentai escapism; however there is a heart to the story which saves it. The nature of love, life, friendship and death beat through the story. And it is a cracking story. Four out of five.

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