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Shiawase Kissa Sanchoume – Matsuzuki Kou

Some daft shoujo fun for those rainy afternoons, when angsty drama is surrendered in favour of fun and a cup of tea. 😀

Uru-chan is an unusually strong, and equally short, teenager faced with the prospect of standing on her own two feet for the first time. To that end she gets a part-time job at the local western-style cafe, the Cafe Bonheur – where the boss is absent, his stand-in is an ill-tempered, antisocial pastry chef , and her co-worker can’t help but fall asleep randomly all the time! Uru, (being a classic shoujo heroine), brings her earnest, slighly clumsy/ditzy well-meaning charm and transforms the lives of those about her into happier places to be.

With a combination of pseudo-philosophy on the attainment of happiness, (both of the words “shiawase” and “bonheur” mean “happiness” ), romantic intrigue and good-natured pratfalls and slapstick Shiawase Kissa Sanchoume charms you and makes you laugh. It’s a bit of daft fun, for what more could you ask?

Four out of five stars, stay tuned people.

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