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Written by Son Jae Ho, artwork by Lee Gwang SuThis is a very unusual manwha. For one thing it is a full-colour web comic, as opposed to a black and white line drawings originally published in a magazine. Therefore the releases are frequent and regular – always good, even if the chapters are only ever about 7 pages long.  The page layout is different in that it’s structured in a vertical strip, and not the traditional A4 panelling.

In this shounen a vampire awakens in modern day Korea, having slumbered for hundreds of years and mistakenly ends up enrolled at school! We watch on as he struggles through the trials of the high school system, computer games and maths; however there are forces in the darkness, determined to move against him.   

The artwork is about average. It’s not particularly arresting, but neither is it clumsy nor hideously cutesy; however the backgrounds suffer from being overly boxy, owing to the overuse of unsophisticated, untextured computer graphics. The story is not addictive, but slow-building and fair enough for what it is.

I would give this 2.5 out of 5 stars, good to read for something different – but not life-altering.

Stay tuned.

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