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Okay, to begin at the beginning – as is the convention – as I’m sure many of you are aware, at midnight last night onemanga.com reading services were laid to rest. “Big deal” I hear you say, “there are other sites.” Ah but one by one they are stripping away manga, owing to licensing.

Today I discovered that mangafox.com has removed Vampire Knight from its website on the grounds it has been licensed. Normally I’d say “fair enough”, but not this time. One: Scanlators upload chapters of VK as soon as LaLa comes out in Japan. It can take months, if not years for the official books to come out for most manga. Two: I don’t know about elsewhere on the world, but here in the UK manga is EXPENSIVE. Particularly when you consider how long it takes to read one volume, (for the experienced manga-addict, not very long at all). If you are going to buy something like that, you want to know if it’s a good volume – and not one where sweet FA happens. THREE: By removing scanlations from the web, you remove the potential for a future global market in manga. The majority of non-Asian manga-addicts, including myself, were first introduced to manga as a concept and an art form via scanlation sites.

Of course you should buy a manga, if you like it, and not just read stuff online. Support the industry all you can; all I ask is the right to informed consumer-choice and my fix of VK at the same time as it comes out, not three years later.

Leave a comment if any of your favourite mangas have been removed; I’ll be monitoring this situation. Stay tuned folks.

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