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Provence – Nicky Lee

The most troublesome thing to type into Google Images, unless you want to look at people’s holiday photos and a Korean singer… Nicky Lee said right at the beginning of this project that her aim was to tell a “pure romance”; I believe she suceeded. Put very simply, Provence follows two story arcs based around […]

Update on the Present of

I admit, it sucks that OneManga have shut down the reading part of their site. But. I have since visited the site several times, and can affirm it has become one of the most useful directories on the web. You can look up a title and garner all the relevant information you need, before being […]

Replay – Riang Ryu

This would make a very good film, done properly. Tragedy, redemption, obsession, the supernatural, romance and high school – any boxes unticked? Karam is an ordinary high school girl with ordinary high school worries – so it seems. But when her new English teacher starts living at her mother’s boarding house, somehow it doen’t feel like […]

The One – Nicky Lee

Don’t judge a manhua by its synopsis… Both of Cane Lele’s parents were internationally-renowned models before their untimely demise; years later Lele can think of nothing she’d like to do to less than model, despite the merciless pressure from her agent aunt. However, by chance she one day sees a photo of  supermodel Angus Lanson, which […]

He’s Dedicated to Roses – Hwang Mi Ri

…Or how a manwha can really divide opinion. He’s Dedicated to Roses generally divides its readers into two camps: Those whom adore it and will bravely put up with the embarrassment of citing the title as their all time favourite, and those whom perceive it as hideously overrated – in private. Choi Ida lives a […]

Running on Empty – Kim Jea-Eun

I wish this series had been longer… Running on Empty is a shounen ai manwha that has aspects of drama, and most certainly of romance. Our protagonists are two emotionally-damaged young men who go on the run together, after one of them has been falsely accused of murder. Kim Jea-Eun has a perfectly good drawing style, with somewhat […]

A House in Venice – Vanna Vinci

Drawn by the fabulous Vanna Vinci, scripted by Giovanni Mattioli. This work was created by the Italian duo and published by Kodansha Comics – hence right to left reading. Depending on which website you use this is either a one shot or two chapters long, either way it’s fab. Rosa Brundo is an art student […]