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In Memoriam: OneManga.com

Once upon a time, there was a website. This website – beloved by many for its simplicity of layout, and promptitude of updates – hosted manga.

For years manga addicts would use this as their first choice of manga-reader, for it was unrivalled not only in its aforementioned virtues, but also in the consumer advice in the form of synopses, warnings and a great sensitivity to its varied audience.

But clouds gathered upon the horizon. Manga publishers were not fond of such websites, as people sometimes would not buy the-often-not-available-in-the-area-or-in-the-right-volume manga after reading it on the website. The industry expressed its understandable displeasure and OneManga, being ever sensitive to the needs of the industry, decided to withdraw all scanlations and merely become a forum for enthusiasts.

R.I.P OneManga.com: You leave the manga-reading community bereft.

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